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Better World Naturals Model

Better World Naturals is establishing a unique and innovative model for a traceable, ecologically responsible Supply Chain.



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The number of steps and unnecessary vendors are minimized in the Better World Naturals supply chain which precludes traders.

We actively manage and monitor every step in the supply chain to ensure the quality of our ingredient.

We reduce the complexity in the supply chain that is prevalent in the botanical extract industry.

Building a Virtuous Ecosystem to Deliver Quality

We work with primary extract factories which have unique extract capabilities who share our values. We share innovations, quality control methods, and management. Corporate stock is bilaterally shared to ensure an efficacious mutually beneficial-relationship.

Additionally, we work in tandem to establish new farms. Agronomist from Better World Naturals work with our contracted farmers in the fields to provide cultivation techniques to ensure the best seeds and cultivars are chosen which produce the best botanicals.  We leverage partner and agricultural expertise to provide on-going training on agronomy, farming, fertilization and pesticides.  Our goal is to help them improve crop yields and actives concentrations, minimize contaminants and achieve superior quality. As a result, our systems protect the environment and return greater profit to the farmers.

We employ a Quality Assurance Manager from Better World Naturals at each farm to ensure upgrades are implemented at each facility, and there is consistency in quality management at each location.

Better World Naturals Difference

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    Our vertically integrated supply chain is 100% transparent. You are welcomed to visit our farms, factories and company anytime without notification.

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    Traceability & Sustainability

    We are committed to full traceability from our botanicals cultivation from our partner farms to the ingredients delivered to our customers. We care about nature and people. Our sustainability approach covers all aspects of Better World Naturals business ethics.

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    Our focus is providing our customers with high quality, sustainably grown ingredients backed by superior customer service. Better World Naturals provides prompt, honest and professional customer service, sample fulfillment and technical and logistical support. Find out more about SERVICE FLYER

    Our Service Promise:

    Sample Supply: 1 week
    Product Delivery: 2-4 days, regional regular stock
    Technical Support: Response within 48 business hours

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    Comprehensive Solutions

    BWN offers more than natural, sustainable ingredients: we offer formulation expertise, custom applications, stability testing, , cost improvement, product commercialization, and regulatory support. Work with us to discover your next product innovation or solve a product issue with our knowledgeable staff.