Functional Ingredients

We understand the specialty botanicals business.  The majority of the world’s botanical extracts are sourced from our country.  We live here and understand the land, the plants and how to cultivate them properly. Our ancestors have been growing botanicals for thousands of years.

Inspired by traditional medicine, we now offer a range of plant-based functional ingredients.  The health benefits for our ingredients have been scientifically

studied and their safety established.  Better World Naturals recognizes the need for safety and authentication of raw material used  in the ingredients we deliver to you.  We presently provide full transparency and authenticity verification. Additionally, we are executing a multi-year strategy that enables us  to transition into a vertically integrated manufacture and supplier of natural and specialty ingredients.

The Better World Naturals Difference


Better World Naturals wants to ensure our customers we're a sustainable supplier of ingredients.We developed scientific cultivation method in fields which is naturally eco-friendly.

Our team personally tracks and records raw materials from field to factory for each and every lot.

BWN guarantees authentic functional extract with our phytoprint test pack.

Our farm partners ensure continuous supply and reproducible quality.  Continued expansion is in our plans.

Functional Ingredients Map

The Better World Naturals Expertise

The functional extracts market is complicated.  To simplify this, we only purchase raw materials from farms and vertically integrated manufacturers.  Each lot is tested through our Phytoprint Test Pack to verify the authenticity of every functional extract.