BWN employs dedicated people to serve our customer's needs as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

Regional seasoned customer service and logistics teams are now in each region.

R&D and technologies teams will represent a significant proportion of our investment.  We will continue to secure only the most qualified scientists who resonate with our values and are passionate about meeting and exceeding your expectations.

Experienced regional sales teams are ready to assist you in your food, beverage and nutritional product goals.

We fully support our commitment to quality, sustainability and transparency.


Application Support
Our team strengths are continually expanding and include beverage, confections, bakery, dairy, and more. Our scientists have broad application experience and are ready to assist customers. Additionally, we have access to a fully staffed team of experts from of our parent flavor company, Huabao.

Scale up Support
BWN offers stability, scale-up and regulatory resources to support our customers from concept to completion.

We welcome the opportunity to meet your exact needs and customization is available across all product areas. BWN offers expert teams of scientists and fully equipped laboratories to work with you to meet your specific request.

Transparent Quality
BWN goes to great lengths to ensure our products are of the highest quality. We are transparent in our process and believe in having our information and data available for you. This supports you, your brand story and helps you convey the trust that your customers require.